Command Line Cop

Here’s an amazing idea for an educational game.

Command Line Cop: Solve a murder by learning a crucial computer skill

  • YOU are a cop

    You work in an underfunded inner city police department–investigating a murder case that could go all the way to the top…

  • Learn the COMMAND LINE

    All the evidence you need is on a laptop with no UI besides the command line.

  • Learn REAL computer skills

    Your character is a computer newb who learns ALL REAL computer skills on the way to solving this crime.

  • Have fun!

    Guidance comes in the form of HINTS left on your desk every morning. Will it be enough to help you bring the murderer to JUSTICE before your investigation is shut down?

  • Developer notes

    This would be an awesome Electron app for teaching folks a crucial tool for any developer. Let’s make learning computers fun again!

  • Stretch goal

    A vocal track of your sergeant hurling abuse at you–voiced by none other than Samuel Jackson!

  • Acknowledgements

    While I’ve been using the command line forever, I want to give Neal Stephenson’s In the Beginning was the Command Line, which deepened my love of this amazing tool.